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Orange Bridge Business District

A common thread that came from our 2019 Business Walk was that the merchants in the area close to the orange bridge felt there was room for some improvements in terms of appearance and services. The Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce took the comments seriously and organized several breakfast meetings to discuss the business needs of the area. From those meetings, the ‘Orange Bridge Business District’ was created with the goal of working together to unite the businesses in the district.

Our first project is streetlight pole banners along the 19A and they are designed to both beautify and define area of the city referred to as the ‘Orange Bridge Business District’. We’ve come a long way with a beautiful design created by Robert Held himself! Kim Burden, Executive Director presented the project on July 15, to city council for their approval. The banners are produced locally and the cost to design, produce and install will be a shared cost among the business owners taking into consideration their highway frontage.

‘We see this as a first step in defining the district and using this as a template for other regions we want to work with in the region. It’s about working together with a group of businesses and creating something we can all be proud of that is inviting to visitors and locals. We’re anxious to move forward on the banner project and wait to hear from council in September’, said Kim Burden, Executive Director for the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce.

Banner design:



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